State Archery Association of Massachusetts

Welcome to SAAM !

SAAM is the State Archery Association of Massachusetts.
We are a chartered state organization of USA Archery. We promote the sport of archery in Massachusetts and
provide archery information to the general public. If you are a member of USA Archery and you live in Massachusetts, then you are automatically a member of SAAM.

2023 State tournament is open for registration.

NOTE: There is a JOAD And A STAR FITA. Please take care to sign up for the correct tournament!
Sorry for the inconvienance and confusion on this.

Star Fita Signup
JOAD Signup

All JOAD archers are eligible.
Entries designed by computer must be in Vector Image Format.
Hand drawn entries must be drawn in non-metallic regular Sharpie.
One entry per archer.

Entries accepted September 15 through December 31
Email entries or questions to [email protected] Rules

First Place receives complimentary entry to either Indoor Nationals or JOAD Indoor Nationals 2023 (not to exceed a value of $80).

Full Flyer is Here (pdf)

Information and links for upcoming shoots can be found on the Calendar

Registration for the 54th Indoor Nationals is Live !
February 24-26, 2023

February 24, 2023
2023 54th Indoor JOAD Nationals @
Tantasqua H.S.

** Next SAAM Meeting  **

Monday December  5th.

Ethans's very welcoming office in Ashland 6:00pm. Meeting at 7:00pm.   

Anyone interested in joining the board as a member, alternate or committee member should contact one of the current board members.

New Age Classifications:

In a Nutshell... YOUTH AGE CLASSES:
• U13: through the calendar year of their 12th birthday. Previously called Bowman
• U15: through the calendar year of their 14th birthday. Previously called Cub
• U18: through the calendar year of their 17th birthday. Previously called Cadet
• U21: through the calendar year of their 20th birthday. Previously called Junior
Full update from USA Archery is
Here (pdf)

Updated Dress Code: ( Sanctioned Event Dress Code)

This goes to clarify what is deemed as torn or ripped. Even some off the shelf jeans may be considered as torn, and therefore not professional.
Applies to ALL people that will be in front of the Spectator Line.

Full update from USA Archery is Here (pdf)

Note the new - new rules changes Effective 2022 -March 21st:

the updated rule here defines there may be time allowed for Equipment Failure during Qualification rounds.

• In the event (during the qualification round) of an equipment failure, verified by a Judge, or a medical issue, verified by medical personnel, extra time may be given to make the necessary repairs, change the damaged equipment or for medical personnel to determine the problem and decide whether or not the athlete is fit to continue competing unassisted. However the maximum time or number of ends for make-up arrows to be shot is 15 minutes (following regular order of shooting and timing), or two ends of six arrows outdoors and three ends of three arrows indoors, whichever happens first. The athlete shall make up the appropriate number of arrows at the earliest opportunity under the supervision of a Judge.
• At world ranking events or international multi sport events no extra time shall be allowed for equipment failure or the treatment of medical problems, but the athlete concerned may leave the shooting line to resolve the issue and return to shoot any remaining arrow(s) if the time limit permits. In the Team Event other member(s) of the team may shoot in the meantime.

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