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State Rankings

Massachusetts State Rankings

Every Massachusetts resident who participates in a minimum of three (3) SAAM ranking tournaments is eligible for a state ranking in his/her respective class and division.
Out of state residents who shoot for a Massachusetts Archery Club are also eligible for a MA state ranking.

Ranking tournaments will be identified on the SAAM website with an X in the “MA Ranking Tournament” column.

To calculate a ranking, each archer’s five best finishes are added together. The lowest number will be ranked first. Indoor and Outdoor Tournaments will be combined.

The Mass State Indoor and Outdoor are required events, these will be used for two of the five tournaments. If an archer does not compete in these tournaments a finish of 999 will be entered.

The USA Archery Indoor Nationals and JOAD Indoor Nationals can be used for a qualifying tournament. If an archer competes in fewer than three (3) general ranking events, a finish of 100 will be entered.

Certificates will be issued to the top three archers in each category at the end of the year.

Although it is hoped the list accurately reflects each archer’s eligibility, score and ranking for each event, there may be errors. If you are aware of an error or omission, please send an e-mail to the chair of the Ranking Committee, Todd Wilson so the results and the rankings can be corrected to accurately reflect the actual results.

Previous Years

No Rankings for 2020
** Covid-19 **

Archers, the 2019 MA State Archery Ranking Certificates have not yet been issued. SAAM apologizes for this delay. As soon as we can do so, we will produce the certificates and send them to the clubs. SAAM thanks you for your patience and understanding.

There will be no ranking in 2020 in MA as State mandated restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic have prevented clubs from hosting ranking tournaments this year.

SAAM has not yet made the determination if 2021 rankings will be possible.