SAAM 2022 Committees and Representatives



Judges Committee

All Committees



Alan Rudolph - Co-Chair

John Trahan - Co-Chair

Brian O'Hearne

Website and Social Media


JOAD/Scholarship  Committee

Ethan Gordon - Website

Dan Mongeau

Cameron Garriepy - Social Media FB/IG


Kathleen Kennedy - Chair

Dan Mongeau 

Ashish Bhatia


Nominating Committee


State Ranking Committee


Ethan Gordon - Chair

Dan Mongeau 

Felix Garriepy


Tournament Committee


SAAM Representatives

Lise Trahan - Chair 

Dan Mongeau 

Ethan gordon 

Anette - MFAA liason


Barebow Athlete - 

Recurve Athlete - 

Compound Athlete - 

Athlete W/Disabilities - 

Joad Youth Female

Joad Youth Male - Felix Garriepy

NFAA Liason - Anette Ferrie