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Welcome to SAAM,
the State Archery Association of Massachusetts

USA Archery Certified

Instructors and Coaches

If you are a coach/instructor in MA and would like to be listed, please e-mail your information to our website administrator.

 Junko Abuza - Level 3-NTS

 Tom Herrington - Level 4-NTS

 Donna Ricci - Level 4-NTS

Kyle Bissell - Level 4-NTS

Jack Humphries - Level 2

Alan Rudolph - Level 3-NTS

 Brian Buckley - Level 3-NTS

Pete Hunt - Level 3-NTS

 Carmen Sarver - Level 3-NTS

 Jacques Côté - Level 3-NTS

Mike Hurney - Level 2

John Schoenthaler - Level 2

 Donald Farland - Level 2

Steve Kokkotos - Level 2

Larry Sullivan - Level 4-NTS

 Amanda Ferrie - Level 4-NTS

E.G. LeBre - Level 4-NTS

Lucy Tabit - Level 3-NTS

 David Ferrie - Level 3-NTS

 Dan Mongeau - Level 3-NTS

John Trahan - Level 2

 David Griffith - Level 2

 Mark Pirrello - Level 4-NTS

 Robert Wait - Level 3-NTS

Richard Hart - Level 2

 Joan Pooley - Level 3-NTS



Instructors and Coaches

Schedule your Instructor (Level 1, Level 2) or
Coach (Level 3) training right now.

Sessions available in Massachusetts or in New England:

USA Archery Coaching Clinics

Instructors and Coaches

To locate a USA Archery Instructor or Coach in your area visit.

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