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 Since its establishment in 1995, SAAM has achieved many of its goals, some of which have been: to be an organization that works for the archers, to obtain and maintain top of the line equipment, to help other clubs get started, to support its young members through scholarships and to host shoots in Massachusetts.  The Board of Directors (BoD) is comprised of nine working members.  It generally meets once a month to conduct business.

 Our accomplishments:

  Starting out with borrowed equipment to host shoots, SAAM has successfully gone from the borrowed equipment to building and maintaining 50 target stands and targets.  Each year a portion of the target stands and targets are sold to the archers at a discounted price and the money goes back into purchasing more new targets to ensure that our archers have good targets to shoot at all through the year.   A new customized timing system has brought SAAM from bells and whistles to electronic timing.

  When college clubs get started, SAAM donates targets and stands to these clubs to help them get started.   Backstops are loaned out until we need them at Nationals, held in  Fiskdale, MA.  College clubs that have hosted shoots pick up and return equipment as needed.   Before the colleges started their own national college archery program, SAAM helped by supplying judges for their shoots.

  The scholarship program has helped more than two dozen students for over ten years.  Each year we offer scholarships to archers both in state and out of state.  Our scholarship money comes from donations and part of the proceeds from the Nationals where archers from all over New England  donate, hence both in and out of state scholarships.

  Judges are needed to make USA Archery/SAAM sanctioned Star FITA tournaments official.  SAAM helps the clubs by helping to pay for the judges.  

  Each year SAAM supports the Bay State Games by helping the MASF (Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation with the archery tournament.  Basically, SAAM operates the archery venue for the MASF.  The BoD works with SAAM and MFAA volunteers to put the tournament on.  Targets and stands are also donated for use at the Massachusetts Senior Games.

  We are proud to donate the use of targets and stands each year for use at the Newport Navy Base to help teach wounded veterans to shoot.  Our BoD volunteers also donate their time to deliver and their expertise to help teach the veterans.

  SAAM hosts the Indoor National/Regional and JOAD Nationals at  the Fiskdale, MA location and the Massachusetts Outdoor State and JOAD tournaments each year.   The BoD sets up and runs these tournaments.

  Targets, stands, and equipment are available for use by clubs and members on a BoD approved basis for tournaments.

What we do, What we’ve done