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Welcome to SAAM,
the State Archery Association of Massachusetts

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Hurray!! Deadline July 12!

** Bay State Games **
hosted by MASF and SAAM
July 20-21, 2019

* MA Outdoor *
* State & JOAD *
* Championships *
hosted by SAAM
August 10-11, 2019

** Next SAAM Board Meeting **

Date:  Saturday, July 20, 2019

Time:  ~11:30 AM
Location:  Bay State Games
                Memorial Park, Mansfield, MA

Welcome to SAAM.  

SAAM is the State Archery Association of Massachusetts.
We are a chartered state organization of USA Archery.  

We promote the sport of archery in Massachusetts and provide archery information to the general public.  

If you are a member of USA Archery and you live in Massachusetts, then you automatically are a member of SAAM.

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*** 2019 Annual Elections ***

Contact a Board Member
or the Nominating Committee
for more information.

2019 USA Archery Dress Code

Archery Camps

*  Summer Camps  *

Come out and play archery!

Check out our

Archery Camps Page
for a list of camps.

Go shoot!

Help Wanted
SAAM is looking to fill
a vacancy (2 years) on
Board of Directors.
Contact one of the Board members,
or the Nominating Committee,
or come to the next meeting
You can help!

2019 Scholarship Awards
to be announced
August 11

JOAD Virtual Tournament
is back!

- Yeoman to Junior -
See JOAD page for details.